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Maiano Farm


Il centro estivo si svolge nella splendida fattoria di Maiano, un paradiso naturale a pochi passi da Fiesole.

The summer camp takes place in the beautiful Maiano Farm, a natural paradise just a few steps from Fiesole.

Fattoria di Maiano is a large outdoor park and working farm, with animals such as ostriches, wild boars, pigs, geese, chickens, horses, and donkeys calling it home.

Maiano also boasts a botanical garden, vegetable gardens, a lake and an olive grove with a playground.

Florentine Dog Academy


An oasis of peace immersed in the greenery of the Isolotto district of Florence.

With a small farm/petting zoo there are goats, donkeys, cows, dogs, and a small aviary that offer the children the possibility to interact with their animal friends.

Also available is the swimming pool for our hot afternoons!



Labsitters and Sport Academy unite for our summer camps focused on combined sports and English activities for children aged 3 to 13.

The location is Nocetum, an ancient farmhouse owned by the Municipality of Milan and entirely renovated by the association.
It consists of a large green space with playgrounds for children and a CITY FARM, where various farm animals and a didactic vegetable garden are present.

Borgo petriolo



Surrounded by the olive grove of the Monna Giovannella Agricultural Company, Borgo Petriolo is only 3.6km from the centre of Bagno a Ripoli and a few minutes from the A1 Florence South exit, in the Florentine hills on the outskirts of of the most delightful landscapes in Tuscany, defined over the years as "Florence's garden".

Delta Florence



Welcome to our summer centre, where we offer a unique and fun experience for children aged 3 to 13 years.

Our space is located within a padel centre and a swimming pool.

The centre offers a wide range of sporting activities and hosts a soccer field and several outdoor shaded areas, as well as indoor spaces with air conditioning.
Children will have access to the swimming pool twice a week.

Audace Galluzzo


The Galluzzo Audace sports centre is a structure that has a beautiful soccer field that will also be used to play other sports such as volleyball, archery, frisbee, and much more.

The Galluzzo summer camp is a bilingual camp: the team of counsellors is made of Sport Academy staff, who specialise in sports pursuits and Labsitters who are native and bilingual English counsellors who will take care of the English element.

Labsitters House


Benvenuti al Centro Estivo Labsitters House, dove i bambini potranno trascorrere un'estate indimenticabile all'insegna del divertimento e dell'apprendimento.

Il programma prevede tantissime attività, tra cui laboratori di arte dove i bambini potranno esprimere la propria creatività, esperimenti di scienze per scoprire il mondo che li circonda e compiti in inglese per migliorare la conoscenza della lingua.

Ma non finisce qui! Avremo anche gite fuori porta per scoprire Firenze e tutte le sue meraviglie, dall'arte alla storia.
Partecipare al nostro Centro Estivo sarà un'occasione unica per divertirsi e apprendere, non perdete l'opportunità di trascorrere un'estate indimenticabile con noi!"

Villaggio della Salute Più


Nestled among the hills and ravines of Val Sillaro, our residential summer centre is located in a large and impressive natural amphitheatre recognized by the European Union as a SIC territory of community importance for environmental biodiversity and air quality.

At village piu, there is an Aquapark; an oasis equipped with 24 large and small pools, water slides, large green spaces, and much more…

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